Finally a program to MAXIMIZE FAT LOSS, rebuild habits and recalibrate your mind in ONLY 6 weeks.

What is Shred with Less?

Shred with Less is a 6-week accelerated Fat Loss program created by Jase Stevens and Amer Kamra to push your physique to the next level!

Let’s face it, we all want to achieve more by doing less. When it comes to your body and fat loss doing more isn’t always better! More time in the gym, more time spent doing cardio, more equipment can often place additional stress on your body making it more challenging to lose fat.

Shred with Less allows you to drop body fat with less equipment, in less time, with less time spent working out! 

Shred with Less is a jump start fat loss program that gets you to re-calibrate your mind, your life and your body. 

If you are lacking structure, motivation or knowledge, you will get everything you need with this jam packed fat loss program!


Shred with Less contains 6 weeks of accelerated Fat Loss workouts, diet programming, full length videos and much much more…

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About the creators

Jase Stevens

Jase Stevens is one of the most published and recognized fitness models in Canadian history.

Amer Kamra

Amer Kamra is a professional fitness model and world renowned fitness coach. Amer has turned countless athletes pro worldwide.


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In 6 weeks you can expect to drastically change your physique. You will look like a whole new person with my rapid fat loss system.

The program is only 6-weeks long. 6-weeks is long enough to see drastic results and a realistic timeline to take an aggresive approach to fat loss

Shred with Less is only 6-weeks in duration to ensure that prolonged stress on your body is minimized. 

This is the same approach used on myself hundreds of times and with thousands of men and women to get achieve accelerated fat loss. I first came up with this when I was preparing for photoshoots!

No, you will need very little equipment!


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ONLY $77